NEW! pRB-deficient tumor targeting

New shuttle plasmid for the construction of oncolytic adenovirus vectors

Check our pAd1127-18 E1 ​shuttle plasmid! It contains a 24-bp deletion in the E1A Conserved Region 2 (CR2), useful for constructing oncolytic adenovirus vectors using the AdenoQuick2.0 system!

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Offer to New Customers !

OD260 Inc New customer's special

Order the small-scale amplification/purification service for 3 adenovirus vectors, for $550.00 each. Call 855-260-2606 or email us for more information.

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Featured Product

Click to get more info about our featured adenovirus vector tool.

The featured product of the week is the AdenoQuick2.0 kit, a modular and the most versatile method for constructing adenovirus vectors.

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