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Services Protocol

  1. OD260 Inc will contact you by email within 24 hours.  We will explain the services we offer, and the options available for your application. We will also discuss possible technical issues. If necessary, a non-disclosure agreement can be set up.
  2. With your feedback, OD260 Inc will write a service agreement describing the work to be done, pricing, timing, and other issues.
  3. The customer will sign the service agreement and submit it to OD260 Inc with payment information.  A biosafety form will have to be filled with information such as the nature and function of the transgene expressed by the virus, etc...  OD260 Inc will review the form and confirm that it can conduct the project or not.
  4. If necessary, OD260 Inc will provide instructions for shipping materials.
  5. OD260 Inc will start the work as soon as all paperwork and starting materials are received.

Important note: The use of adenovirus as a genetic vector requires adequate containment equipment and practices. Biosafety Level 2 (BL2) is appropriate for most customers; however, for some, use of BL3 or higher level containment facility may be required. O.D.260 Inc. will not carry out projects that require BL3 (or above) containment.