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Thank you for the informative detailed report!  Yesterday I already digested the cosmid with PacI and transfected 293 cells. Today I saw many GFP positive cells so everything seems to be in order.
Thank you again for the good, reliable and very well organized service. If I need another adenovirus in the future, we will definitely work with you again.

Weizmann Institute of Science - Israel [Scientist]

Thank you for your impressive service proposal so quickly.

University of Tuebingen [Group Leader]

I have consistently been impressed by your responsiveness, knowledge, professionalism, and quality material.

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals [Chief Scientific Officer]

Thank you for the information and suggestion. That is very helpful. Really appreciated!

Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute [Associate Director, Viral Vector Core Facility]

Thank you for the quick reply. Very useful information!

Synthetic Genomics [Scientist]

You are so excellent !!  Thank you!

Eli Lilly and Company [Senior Scientist]

‚ÄčThank you for doing a great job on this project. We appreciate it very much!

Imanis Life Sciences [Chief Operations Officer]

We have been very impressed with the work you have done for this project right from the initial design recommendations through to the final delivered product. We will definitely use OD260 again in our future Ad virus.

Imanis Life Sciences [Principal Scientist]

Everything looks great.  Thank you so much for being able to make our vaccination deadline, we really appreciate the excellent work that you and your team do.


National Institute of Health [Contractor]

The name of your company is very clever.

Cylex [Employee]

I am thankful for your quick and informative reply. This really seems to be groundbreaking improvements. I wish you luck with your company.

Statens Serum Institute [Research Faculty]

Thank you so much for the AdenoZap information. It is a much more advanced system than what I currently working with. It will definitely look into it. And I am very appreciate your advice on my adenovirus problems.

Penn University [Researcher]

Thank you very much for all your advice. It gives us a lot of idea of how to improve our experiments.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong [Project Leader]

The prep looked good again and I appreciate the free Bench-Pint! I appreciate your help and insight.

Phenogene [Project Leader]

Thanks for all your work.

Duke University [Researcher]

As always, thank you for your thoroughness in reporting your methods and results.

Medtronic [Scientist]

Thanks for the adenovirus,...came in and all is well...

Ohio State University [Primary Investigator]

Thank you very much for the high quality work of you and your team. We appreciate the detail in the report and the good yields for all virus.

Pangene [Project Leader]

I no longer worry about bottles blowing up or messes in the microwave, and I never need hand protection. My co-workers and I are very happy with O.D.260 Inc, their products and fast service.

Berkeley [Lab Safety Officer]

I received the report and the virus arrived safely. The report is outstanding! I look forward to working with you in the future.

Reddy US [Director of research]

In your pAd1020E1 you used tissue-specific promoter driving both E1a and E1b in different orientations. Did it work? By the way the bipartite virus you made previously is working well. Best wishes.

Columbia University [Research Faculty]

Thank you for all your quick responses to my questions. I greatly appreciate it.

University of North Carolina [Researcher]

Thanks for your invaluable help!!

University of Tennessee Medical Center [Scientist]

Thank you very much for your high quality work by you and your team. We appreciate the detail in your report and the good yields for all virus."

"The package and the report we got yesterday look great! We are very happy with your documentation and results."

"It appears you have some very talented scientists to achieve such clear restriction analysis.

Pangene [Project Chief]

My construction of E1/E4 project was not smooth with AdEasy system. So I am going back to your system.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis [Primary Investigator]

Thank you for the updated report. I appreciate all that you are doing to identify and solve the cloning issues!

Medtronic [Scientist]

First of all, I would like to thank you for your prompt and excellent service. I would like to arrange two more strains of virus for scale up and CsCl purification. Thank you also for the rapid turn around time. It is much appreciated.

Nuvelo [Scientist]

Dear OD, Please find attached another order towards Germany. Thank you for your kind services.

German Biotech Company [Managing Director]

Thank you for your help.

Massachusetts General Hospital [Research Fellow]

Thanks for the email explaining the shipping costs - I totally understand. I appreciate the extremely quick delivery and was impressed at how the virus was packaged.

Indiana University School of Medicine [Post-doc]

Hello, I used to use your Bench Pints as a postdoc in the US. I now run my own lab in Europe, and cannot live without them. (...) Hurry! I have gels to run and my microwave hates me.

Pasteur Institute - France [Scientist]

Thank you for all your quick responses to my questions. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much. This is a very fast turn around time from you. We greatly appreciate your speed. I will keep you posted on the next virus. I are very grateful to you for your help/advice all along while making the virus so I would like to include your name in the poster as a co-author if it is ok with you. If rather than including your name on the poster, there is another way to advertise/publicize your company, then let me know about it.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill [Student]

Thank you for your report!! This is an excellent piece of writing, which will be very helpful for my progress report to the NIH.

University of Tennessee [Associate Professor]

Thank you for your help and hard working. Again, thank you for all your efforts. Thanks, always.

National Cancer Center - South Korea [Scientist]

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. These will be very helpful for our work.

Chiba Cancer Center Research Institute - Japan [Scientist]

I have read your excellent proposal and agree with it. Please find attached an executed copy.

Switzerland Pharmaceutical Company, Managing Director

We are grateful to ... (O.D.260 Inc.) for advice and excellent technical support in the construction of adenoviral vectors.

Published article

I no longer worry about bottles blowing up or messes in the microwave, and I never need hand protection. My co-workers and I are very happy with O.D.260 Inc, their products and fast service.

Jonathan Koolpe - UCSF

I have found the Bench Pint to be useful laboratory glassware. The handle makes it easy to grip the bottle with hot agarose, especially when I quickly cool the agarose prior to pouring it into a gel casting tray.

Dr. Reed, Idaho National Laboratory