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O.D. 260 Inc. was founded in Boise, Idaho in 1999, with the mission of developing new techniques for the construction of adenovirus vectors, and providing reliable services for adenovirus amplification, purification and titration.

The company occupies a 1,700 sf laboratory, divided into a BL1 lab for general purposes and a BL2 lab for adenovirus work.  Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to conduct your projects swiftly, starting from cloning in E. coli to the amplification of adenovirus in bioreactors and purification by large-scale chromatography.  Our scientists have been working with adenovirus since the early 90’s and are clearly experts in the field.  We have acquired over the years a strong customer base in 5 continents, from academic institutions, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

From the beginning we have offered fellow researchers valuable tools to construct adenovirus vectors:

  • AdenoZAP, a two-step method for the construction of adenovirus expression vectors,
  • AdenoQuick1.0, a three-step method for the construction of adenovirus expression and oncolytic vectors,
  • AdenoQuick2.0, a versatile modular method for the construction of adenovirus expression and oncolytic vectors,

In addition OD260 Inc provides custom adenovirus services including:

  • the design and construction of adenovirus expression vectors (for gene expression studies or vaccination purposes) and oncolytic vectors
  • amplification, purification, and titration of adenovirus vectors

OD260 Inc has also been the recipient of NIH SBIR grants (Phase I and Phase II) aimed at developing a method to bind the adenovirus terminal protein to the ends of linear DNAs used to generate helper-dependent adenovirus vectors.  The R&D conducted under this funding provided the basis for US patent 8,709,778 B2 issued in 2014.