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Adenovirus Amplification


  • To obtain a crude virus lysate that you can use to verify the expression of your transgene from the virus. 
  • To "resurrect" an old, almost inactive, virus prep.
  • To provide a concentrated virus stock to start a large-scale virus amplification.

You provide

  • A virus suspension: a purified stock, a crude virus extract, or a virus plaque.
  • Information about the nature of the virus to be amplified.  A biosafety form will have to be filled.

The service includes

  • Small-scale amplification of the virus, virus harvest, freeze/thaw, clarification. 


  • Use of defined, gamma-irradiated fetal bovine serum in cell culture.  This should be considered if the virus will be used later in clinical trials.  Documentation of the reagents used in the process can be provided.
  • Determination of virus titer by HPLC.


  • 1 mL crude virus lysate in color coded, labeled vials.  Labels can be customized.

Turn-around time

  • Typically 2 weeks


  • Inquire

Important note

  • The use of adenovirus as a genetic vector requires the use of adequate containment equipment and practices. Biosafety Level 2 (BL2) is appropriate for most customers; however, for some, use of BL3 or higher level containment facility may be required. O.D.260 Inc. will not carry out projects that require BL3 (or above) containment.