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Replication-deficient Ad5 with a 109 bp deletion in the E1a promoter region

  • WT E3
  • Purified by double CsCl banding
  • A total of 5 x 1011 VP will be provided in 100 µL aliquots.  The number of vials you will receive will depend on the virus concentration.  Contact us for more information.
Cat# :
5 x 10^11 VP

Ad376 is an Ad5-based adenovirus with a 109 bp-long deletion in the E1a promoter (corresponding to psn 353-461 in the Ad5 genome).  The E1a TATA box is still present.  The E3 region is intact.

Vector MapSequenceProduct Information Sheet
Vector Map Ad376.TXT (36.3 KB) Product Information Ad376.pdf (117.7 KB)