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Replication-deficient Ad5 with a 3.1 kb-long deletion in the E1 region and a 1.9 kb-long deletion in the E3 region

  • Purified by double CsCl banding
  • A total of 5 x 1011 VP will be provided in 100 µL aliquots.  The number of vials you will receive will depend on the virus concentration.  Contact us for more information.
Cat# :
5 x 10^11 VP

Ad378 is an Ad5-based E1/E3 deleted adenovirus.  The 3.1 kb E1 deletion corresponds to psn 353-3510 and the 1.9 kb “XbaI”  E3 deletion corresponds to psn 28592-30470 in the Ad5 genome.

Vector MapSequenceProduct Information Sheet
Vector Map Ad378.TXT (31.4 KB) Product Information Ad378.pdf (114.62 KB)