Replication-deficient Ad5 with CMV-GFP expression cassette in place of the E1 region

  • E1/E3-deleted Ad5 backbone
  • purified by double CsCl banding
  • A total of 5 x 1011 VP will be provided in 100 µL aliquots.  The number of vials you will receive will depend on the virus concentration.  Contact us for more information.
Cat# :
5 x 10^11 VP

Ad5.CMV-GFP is a replication-deficient Ad5-based adenovirus containing a GFP expression cassette in place of the E1 region, oriented towards the left ITR. The GFP coding sequence (a derivative of Aequorea GFP) is under the control of a human cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter and a bovine growth hormone (bGH) polyadenylation signal. The E3 region contains a 1.9 kb XbaI deletion that encompasses the 3’ end of the E3 6.7K gene, the entire E3 gp19K, ADP, RIDα, RIDβ genes, and the 5’ end of the E3 14.7K gene.

  • Which formulation do you use for purified adenovirus vectors?

    We use GTS buffer (2.5 % glycerol (w/v), 25 mM NaCl in 20 mM Tris, pH 8.0) (Hoganson et al, 2002. Bioprocessing J. 1:43-48).  The buffer provides stability for at least 4 freeze/thaw cycles, and for at least a year when it is frozen at -80 °C (Gilbert et al, 2004. Mol Ther 9, S294–S294).

Vector MapProduct Information Sheet
Vector Map Product_Information_AdCMVGFP_AD106S_Lot_0702.pdf (149.46 KB)